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Islamic International School - Darul Ilmi Murni was established in Medan on March 21, 2003, in front of Notaris Idham, SH, Act No.58 while focusing the activities on IIS DIM Campus, Jalan Besar Namorambe Titi Kuning,Medan North Sumatera, INDONESIA
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(Available dormitory for enthusiastic)OARDING


Motto : Religious, Smart, Responsible


Eminent program :             - English

- Skill contruction and religious attitudes

- Leadership

Student activity programs

1. Linguistic

                - English day

                - English morning

                - English creative program

                - English reward

                - Jurnalictic

                - Quest English

2. Religious

                - Islamic guidance

                - Prayers 5 times a day

                - Religious practice

                - Fardhu kifayah practice

                - Speech coaching

                - Tilawah Al-quran (quran recitatons)








                Can be perceived that the era of globalization has provided  convenience for our society today. But like the changes, the implications of culture has also brought a lot of influence and even shift the values of faith-based life. Pragmatic attitude  and  hedonic lifestyle in many aspects progressively expand in the society. Crisis of the crisis continues. Disaster come again. Life of nation and state experiencing of the test and its circumstance is shaky progressively. Community screamed. Parents are confused by the actions and attitudes of young generation. Adolescents and youth of the nation unstable and lost control. Teacher authority collapsed. All functionary absorbed by corruption and collusion. Daughter and our woman’s private parts are open. Honesty is marginalized. Trust handle progressively scarce. Ulama/Moslem scholar become bizzare and avoided. Why did it happen ? what factors ? The answer, people and communities may have lost the moral control. We are so far from the values and teachings of Quran as a source of mental and spiritual strength.

                Conditions which is full of challenge need to be addressed wisely. It is time for us to drawing up people endurance through the maturity of thought and sharpness of heart. So that communities are able to filter and positive adaptation  to the current ongoing changes.


                One of the effort must be done through the educational institutions as the media that drawing up the next generation. Besides learning based on the progress of science and technology, should also be harmonized with the religion intelligence. So that this institution can provide a proportionate balance between SQ, IQ and EQ. so that Indonesia people plenary and intact can be realized.

                Ala kulli hal, facing changing time is not enough to rely on mind and skill but must be illuminated by godlike light. It is Quran. On the basis of this, we feel called to form an institution which can grow to develop learning and internalizate of Quran values.




- carrying out learning Quran and Tafsir

- carrying out activity of big day in islam

- tahajjud and performances of cultural by student creativity

- publish a weekly bulletin

- publish media of islam literature



1. manage boarding for constructing of student of future leader candidate

2. manage guidance and religion consultancy tp personal and family

3. manage adolescent  leadership training package

4. provides translator of Arabic and English



- science laboratory

- recreation park

- computer laboratory

- basket ball court

- language laboratory

- school bus



- practice the shalat

- speech practice

- football

- futsal

- pramuka

- drum band

- dance group

- self defense

- cheerleader

- paskibra

- manasik haji

- outbond

- taekwondo



- State minister for youth sport affairs

- Commander of military area

- Governor of Sumatera Utara and Indonesia ambassador for Mesir

- Muballigh from Jakarta

- Presenter H. David Chalik

- Indonesia ambassador for Mesir





- Factory of Adolina PTPN IV

- Pantai Cermin Theme Park

- Medan Zoo

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